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6 STEPS to add your test


Get your MCQs ready

Prepare yourself a proper file or get the link of the site of MCQs that is reachable by us.


Send us through FB page

Send to our facebook page (TestNisset) the file or the link to access the MCQs.


Tell us about it

Give a little recap of what the test is all about, what are you preparing for. We will ask some related questions to see whether it should be posted in our website.



If the MCQ test is helpful for a large amount of students, not only for a small particular private group, etc, we will consider the acceptance.


Test being created

Once it is accepted, we will start making the test for you. It could take a long time or could be quick depending on the type of MCQs, the amount of MCQs and whether we have something else in our hands or not.


Voilà! Enjoy testing!

When everything has been created, we will post it in our website. Now everyone can access it and prepare themselves for the exam up to their own likings, free of charge!


We provide exam-like tests for many universities in Cambodia free of charge.
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