About Us

Welcome to TestNISSET

A leading website that offers free exam testing and preparing system
for every university student in Cambodia.

Who Are We

It all started with a medicine student who wanted to test his knowledge of how well he would do in an actual exam before actually taking it. Fast forward, he decided to create a website where he could do just that but not only for himself but for everyone that has the same need. We have currently formed a small team to manage the website. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to expand our team in the near future. So, if you are interested in becoming a part of this, please keep an eye on our facebook page where we would make important announcements at.

Our Mission

Our main objective is to be able to help Cambodian students to get prepared for their upcoming exams. Fear no exams! With the help of our amazing team, we have created thousands and thousands of questions and answers that have been put together into exam formats accordingly to every university. We hope this website will serve university students to achieve their dream score or GPA in their upcoming exams.

Any comments / suggestions for our site?

Contact us through our official facebook page : TestNisset or Click here to redirect.