Sugical Pathology Test

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Surgical Pathology Test


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The image of “porcelain vesicle” diagnosed on the abdomen cliché without preparation
corresponds to:

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Luxatio erecta:

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Regarding a midshaft fracture of the clavicle:

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Regarding fractures of the proximal humerus.:

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What is the basic clinical signs of traumatic posterior shoulder dislocation?:

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In ischiatic dislocation of HIP:

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Gallbladder duct inflammation, Caused by the migration of gallbladder stones:

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The combination hydrothorax + ovarian tumor + ascites makes you evoke the diagnosis of:

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The most common area for volvulus is:

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Pain felt in the right iliac fossa when you press deeply in his left iliac fossa is:

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Helicobacter pylori:

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What US findings are suggestive of acute appendicitis?:

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What is the position of lower limb in pubic dislocation of hip:

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A passenger presents severe abdominal pain by moving crisis amid ongoing pain, and vomiting with lost materials and gases. The review shows that you practice a distended abdomen without contracture. You think:

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Concerning fracture of the shaft of the clavicle, it is untrue that it:

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A hydrocele is defined as an abnormal fluid collection between the:

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Among these propositions concerning the usual spontaneous evolution of the functional cysts
of the ovary, which seems to you the most constantly exact?:

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The adenoma of prostate:

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A 42 yo male came to you because of painless swelling, in the left testis, he gives Hx of mild
trauma few days earlier. Swelling is cystic, involving testis only and is not transilluminatable.
Diagnosis is :

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Epigastric pain without radiation, post-prandial late, cramping, punctuated in the day, speaks

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Caused by obstruction of common bile duct, Jaundice, pain and possible liver damage.:

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“Bell Clapper” is another term used to describe which of the following abnormalities?:

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Among the clinical forms of peritonitis following, which gives a pneumoperitoneum?:

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What of the following factors, which is usually considered as predominant in the mechanism of
onset of ulcers stomach?:

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Stones in the bladder are termed:

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Which of the following statements relate to the ovarian dermoid cysts, except one? :

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Complications of fracture of proximal humerus include:

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Bloat of the pelvic colon volvulus:
1. Has an asymmetrical layout.
2. Was tympanic to percussion.
3. Accompanied by peristaltic waves.
4. Accompanied by abdominal contraction.
5. Accompanied by removal of abdominal skin reflexes

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Which of these findings in the breast of a patient who is suspected of having breast cancer
would support the diagnosis?:

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Pain in the hypogastrium when internal rotation of the hip is :

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Among the following bacteria, one of which is frequently associated with gastritis. Which is it?:

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Ladder step deformity characteristic of fracture clavicle is:

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Shenton line is broken in all of following except:

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Complication of appendicitis:

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A male infant is presented in two months by his parents who have discovered a mass in the
inguinal region of very recent appearance, a little painful. I tis irreducible to the abdomen; one
does not feel well at the upper pole of the inguinal ring, it is transillumination. The testicle is
seen below this mass. What diagnosis do your call?:

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A tongue of peritoneum that precedes the migrating testes through the inguinal canal:

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What’s the Hippocratic method? :

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Internal fixation of the clavicle fracture is obtained (achieved) by:

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Most common complication of Anterior dislocation of shoulder is:

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What is volvulus?:

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Which of the following types of cysts most commonly ruptures?:

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Rebound and percussion tenderness, Guarding; Roving’s sign = Pain > in RIF than LIF when LIF is pressed, PR painful on right; Tender mass (occasionally) in RIF, Tachardia, Fever, Lying still, coughing hurts, shallow breaths.:

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Complications of Peritonitis:

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Prostate growth is stimulated by which of the following hormones?:

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A fecal impaction is a solid, immobile bulk of stool that can develop in the rectum as a result of
chronic ________.:

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Surgery for correction of cryptorchidism is best done before?:

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What is not true about fracture surgical neck of humerus?:

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A client is admitted with right lower quadrant pain, anorexia, nausea, low-grade fever, and elevated white blood cell count. Which complication is most likely the cause?:

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The inability to pass a collection of hard stool:

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The most helpful diagnostic radiographic procedure in small bowel obstruction is:

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Urease, flagella, adhesins, mucinase, vauolating toxin, neutrophil activation protein, LPS,
superoxide dismutase and catalase, and PAI:

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The commonest type of dislocation of the hip joint is:

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A doctor can usually detect an enlarged prostate by…:

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Among the etiological factors include, what are the two which appear currently the most
important in terms of gastric ulcer?:

1. Heredity
2. Tobacco
3. Stress
4. NSAIDs or aspirin
5. Helicobacter pylori infection

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Posterior dislocation of the shoulder is characterized by:

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When assessing a patient for breast cancer risk, the nurse considers that the patient has a
significant family history of breast cancer if she has a:

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Peritonitis produces bowel sounds that are:

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